Director(s): Sofia de Fay
Producer(s): Sofia de Fay

2017 | 14 min | Western Cape | South Africa
Languages: English

“Masquerading or impersonating a woman” during Apartheid, was considered an illegal offence and punishable with six months hard labor in prison in South Africa. The two Cape Colored Drag Queens, Sandra and Samantha, were locked up in prison and sentenced to hard labor, but they survived to became Divas and achieve legendary status in the clubs of the Cape. The two hilarious and stylish drag queens reflect on their complex friendship and remember with humor some tragic moments. Sandy hosts and organizes the beauty pageant called “Miss Gay Legend” designed for the over 40 drag queens. The film weaves their story and their unique relationship with a disabled drag queen called Balletjies or little balls. Balletijes also enters the gay pageant.