Discover the best global documentaries from the annual SIMA Awards, available for you to screen at in-person events or online via our virtual cinema, SIMA RAMA.

Invite your network to screenings, film clubs, fundraisers and panel discussions and take community engagement to the next level.

Selected from over 140 countries around the world, these inspiring documentaries and VR/360 experiences capture the stories of today’s hopes and challenges, movements and changemakers, through the unique eyes of award winning filmmakers on the front lines.


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“Necessary viewing for anyone concerned with international affairs and human rights issues.” -Andrew McGregor, Founder of Tiziano Project

“SIMA is quickly becoming the gold standard for social impact films, and the genre is quickly becoming our planet’s truest form of journalism. The content SIMA draws is jaw dropping.”  -Trevor Hall, President of Creative Visions Foundation

“SIMA has turned a scary first into a future must. They made our experience easy and fun, providing us with a beautiful, personalized and professional-looking platform for our online screening. Of the over 500 viewers, not one complained of an issue with the SIMA site – for those of us who do events on a regular basis, this was a first. We look forward to the next screening!” – Perrine Vaillant, Director of Southern California, Human Rights Watch

“At a time where our equality, human rights and social justice are under attack, SIMA is at the forefront of bringing social awareness to the issues that I care about the most.” -Brandy Chagolla, Events Chair at LA. USNC for UN Women

“Watching these films was like school of the best, most expansive and inspiring kind.” -Patricia Billings, Co-founder of Milet Publishing

“SIMAx is an inspirational catalyst to keep the Miami sustainable movement going!” -Blair Butterfield, SIMA Miami Ambassador

“Abandon the cultural conditioning of the “Do-Gooder Industrial Complex” with each and every SIMA Film.” Shawn Humphrey, Professor, Innovator & Development Consultant

“I became a SIMAx Ambassador to raise awareness about issues I care about. Changing the world is easier if you start by changing opinions in your own community.” -Vuk Višnjić, SIMA Belgrade

“SIMAx proves just how engaging documentaries can be.” -Nicolaus Mesterharm, SIMA Cambodia

“These filmmakers and activists re-imagine socio-political filmmaking, they set new standards for transparency, integrity and creativity, while transforming their cameras, their narratives and by extension, their audiences, into vehicles for social justice. We’re in awe of the courageous work we get to champion” -SIMA Founder and Chief Executive, Daniela Kon Lieberberg


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