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#CHICAGOGIRL Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights, Refugee, Uprising 74 Syria, USA Arabic, English English
A COMMON ENEMY Human Rights, Uprising 78 Tunisia, Spain Arabic, French, English English
A MAGICAL PLACE Human Rights, Education, Women 2 South Sudan English
A NEW PATH Creative Activism, Education 27 India English, Hindi English
A PLASTIC OCEAN Environment, Water 102 USA, China English
A RIVER CHANGES COURSE Environment, Human Rights, Indigenous, Water 83 Cambodia Khmer English
A SACRIFICE Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights 25 UK, India Tibetan English
A WAY FORWARD Creative Activism, Human Rights, Women 6 Kenya English
A WORLD NOT OURS Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights, Refugee 93 Lebanon Arabic, English English
ACROSS THE LINE Human Rights, Health, Women 7 USA English
AFTER THE FALL: HIV GROWS UP Human Rights, Health 40 Romania English
AT HOME, IN BED, AND IN THE STREETS Creative Activism, Women 36 Nicaragua Spanish English
BAREFOOT Indigenous 40 Mexico, USA Spanish English
BASEBALL IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA Health, Human Rights, Women 28 Haiti English, French, Spanish English
BEHIND THE FENCE Human Rights, Refugee 8 Myanmar Rohingya English
BIG DAMAGE Environment, Indigenous 40 Papua New Guinea English English
BIG SONIA Women 93 USA  English
BIRTH IS A DREAM Health, Women 15 Uganda, Malawi, DR Congo English English
BONSAI PEOPLE Economy, Women 79 Bengal Bengali, English English
BORDERS Economy, Human Rights 87 Netherlands, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain, France, Belgium English, French, Dutch English
BREAK IN Art, Health, Human Rights 25 Cambodia Khmer English
CAN’T HIDE ME Creative Activism, Human Rights, Women 26 Indiaa Hindi, Kannada, English English
CAST IN INDIA Indigenous 26 India, USA English
CLEAR AS DAY Creative Activism, Health 5 Guatemala English
DANCING THE REVOLUTION Creative Activism 20 Tanzania English, Swahili English
DEAD DONKEYS FEAR NO HYENAS Economy, Enironment 80 Ethiopia Amharic, English English
DESERT MIGRATION Human Rights, LGBTQIA 81 USA English English, French
DON’T COVER IT UP, STEP UP Creative Activism, Human Rights, Women, Health 3 China Mandarin Chinese English, French
DREAMCATCHER Creative Activism, Human Rights, Women 104 USA English
E-WASTELAND Environment, Human Rights 20 Ghana English English
FOOD CHAINS Economy, Human Rights, Uprising 82 USA English, Spanish English
FORCED: CHILD LABOR AND EXPLOITATION Human Rights, Women 24 Bangladesh, Spain Bengali English
FRAME BY FRAME Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights, Women 85 Afghanistan English, Dari English
FROM GANGS TO GARDENS Creative Activism, Environment, Health 14 USA English
FROM THE SAME SOIL Human Rights, LGBTQIA 28 South Africa English
FUTURE MY LOVE Creative Activism, Environment 93 UK English Swedish
FUTURE OF HOPE Environment 75 Iceland Icelandic, English English
GIRL-HEARTED LGBTQIA, Women 37 Germany German  English
GROWING A WORLD WONDER Indigenous, Environment 4 Senegal English
HOLY WATER Creative Activism, Water 82 Costa Rica, Spain Castellano English
HOME | AAMIR Human Rights, Refugee 12 France English
HOTEL U.S.A. Refugee 11 USA English English
I AM HAITI Creative Activism, Indigenous 66 Spain, Haiti Creole, French English, Spanish
IN UTERO Economy, Health, Human Rights 89 USA English
INNER ME Human Rights, Women 30 D.R. Congo Swahili, Sign Language English
IS THIS LOVE? Creative Activism, Women 7 India Hindi English
JUANITA Health, Human Rights, Indigenous, Women 23 Mexico Spanish, Mayan English
KAYAYO, THE LIVING SHOPPING BASKETS Economy, Human Rights, Women 30 Ghana Dagbani English
LAST DAY OF FREEDOM Human Rights, Health 32 USA English
MEDIAOCRACY Creative Activism, Education 5 USA English
MOTHER OF ALL RIVERS Economy, Environment, Indigenous, Uprising, Water, Women 9 Honduras English, Spanish English
MUGABE, ME & A MILLION TAMPONS Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights 86 Zimbabwe English
NEFERTITI’S DAUGHTERS Art, Creative Activism, Human Rights, Uprising, Women 39 Egypt English, Arabic English
NOBODY DIES HERE Economy, Human Rights 24 Benin French, Fongbe English
NOISE RUNS Creative Activism, Human Rights, Uprising 18 USA, Haiti Haitian Kreyol English
NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION Human Rights, Refugee, Uprising 14 Syria Syrian, English English
OMO CHILD: THE RIVER AND THE BUSH Human Rights, Indigenous 89 Ethiopia Kara, Amharic, English English
ONE DAY AFTER PEACE Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights 86 South Africa, Palestine, Israel English, Hebrew English
OPEN SOURCING THE BRAIN Creative Activism, Health, Education 7 USA English
OUT OF THE DARKNESS Health, Human Rights 82 Nepal Nepali, English English, German
PAY 2 PLAY: DEMOCRACY’S HIGH STAKES Economy 87 USA English English
POVERTY INC. Economy, Human Rights 90 USA Creole, English English
PROJECT WILD THING Creative Activism, Environment 79 UK English English
QUIPU: CALLS FOR JUSTICE Human Rights, Indigenous, Women 21 Peru Spanish, Quechua English
REFUGEES Human Rights, Refugee 7 Greece English English
ROUTES Human Rights, Refugee 32 Greece, Fyrom, Serbia English, Arabic, Spanish English
SALAM NEIGHBOR Human Rights, Refugee 76 Jordan English, Arabic English
SEEDING FEAR Conflict & Resolution, Economy, Environment, Human Rights 11 USA English English
SIMON Health, Human Rights 8 UK English
SONGS OF THE VINE Environment, Health, Human Rights, Indigenous 16 Peru Spanish English
STEALING AFRICA Economy, Environment, Human Rights 58 Zambia, UK English English
STRIKE A ROCK Human Rights, Indigenous, Women 83 South Africa English English
SUNFLOWER SEEDS Economy, Refugee 32 Greece Farsi, Greek English
SWIM TEAM Creative Activism, Health, Water 100 USA English
TELL SPRING NOT TO COME THIS YEAR Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights 82 Afghanistan Dari English
TESTIMONY Women 40 USA English
THANK YOU FOR THE RAIN Environment, Refugee, Water 90 Kenya, Norway, France English English
THE ARK Environment 7 USA, Kenya English
THE BLOOD IS AT THE DOORSTEP Conflict & Resolution, Uprising 91 USA English English
THE HAND THAT FEEDS Creative Activism, Economy, Human Rights 84 USA English, Spanish Spanish, Bilingual Spanish & English
THE HAYSTACK Economy, Human Rights, Uprising 36 UK English
THE PROMISE OF GENE THERAPY Creative Activism, Health 8 France English English
THE RUNNER Human Rights, Refugee, Uprising 94 Western Sahara French, Hassaniya, Arabic, Spanish English, Spanish
THE SEVENTH FIRE Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights, Indigenous 76 USA English
THE SHEBABS OF YARMOUK Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights, Refugee 78 France, Syria Arabic English
THE SOUND BARRIER Creative Activism, Health 23 France, Burkina Faso, USA English, French English
THE STATE OF INSANITY Health, Human Rights 72 Italy Italian English
THE SUPER SALMON Health, Human Rights 25 USA English
THE UPRISING Economy, Uprising 8 USA English
THE WELL Environment, Indigenous, Water 56 Ethiopia Oromo, English English, French, Spanish
THE WORKERS CUP Human Rights 89 Qatar English, Tui, Hindi, Nepali, Malayalam, Arabic English
THEY WILL HAVE TO KILL US FIRST Conflict & Resolution, Creative Activism, Human Rights, Uprising 100 Mali, Burkina Faso, West Africa, UK French, Tamashek, Bambera, English English
THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE Human Rights, Uprising 46 Germany, UK English, German English
THREE MOMENTS, A SHOUT Creative Activism, Uprising 96 Spain, Chile, USA English, Spanish English, Spanish
THROUGH THE FIRE Health, Women 39 Somalia English, Somali English
THROUGH THE WALL Human Rights 6 USA, Mexico English, Spanish
TOMORROW WE DISAPPEAR Art, Economy, Indigenous 83 India Hindi English
TOUGH BOND Health 84 Kenya, USA Swahili, English English
TRACES Creative Activism, Health, Women 8 USA English
TRANSIT ZONE Human Rights, Refugee 32 France English, Arabic English
TUNING THE STUDENT MIND Creative Activism, Education 27 USA English English
TWO GIRLS AGAINST THE RAIN Human Rights, LGBTQIA, Women 11 Cambodia English, Khmer English
UNTOUCHABLE Conflict & Resolution, Human Rights 105 USA English
VESSEL Health, Human Rights, Women 88 Netherlands, Ireland, Morocco English
VOICES FROM THE SEA Creative Activism, Environment, Indigenous, Water 36 Chile Spanish, Rapa Nui, English English
WALKING 2.0 Creative Activism, Education, Health 7 USA English English
WE ARE POETS Creative Activism 81 UK English
WHEN THE TIME COMES Health, Human Rights, Indigenous, Women 13 Kenya Samburu English
WOMEN IN SINK Human Rights, Women 36 Israel Hebrew English
WOMEN OF FUKUSHIMA Environment, Health, Women 27 Japan Japanese, English English, French, German