Director: Sadhana Subramaniam
Producers: Anna Murphy, Harri Grace (Grain Media)

2018 | 25 min | UK, India
Languages: Hindi
Subtitles: English

In March 2016 Kausalya and her husband Shankar were brutally attacked on a crowded street in southern India. Shankar, who came from a lower Dalit caste, died of his injuries. Kausalya survives and accuses her parents of orchestrating an honour killing. She fights for justice through the courts, testifying against her parents in a trial where they face the death penalty. Her now estranged grandparents and brother Gautham also await the verdict, desperately hoping Kausalya’s mother and father will be released. This is the story of a family torn apart by a caste hierarchy deeply rooted in India’s social fabric.

DOC Short Finalist, SIMA 2019

‘Honour’ crimes in India: An assault on women’s autonomy
India’s Forbidden Love: An Honour Killing on Trial