Director: Nicky Milne
Producers: Nicky Milne, Valeria Cardi
25 min | Chile
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English

“As the global demand for the super food avocados has soared, Chile has become the world’s third largest exporter of avocados. But the community of Petorca, in northern Chile say drought and the insatiable appetite for avocados has brought desperate water shortages. This film explores the quiet water war in Petorca. Allegations of water theft are rife as members of Petorca community say that big producers are taking more than their allocated water rights allow and that by exporting their avocados, their water is being exported. The government say it is bringing an end to illegal wells but the situation in Petorca poses an uncomfortable global moral dilemma.”

Finalist, SIMA 2020

Running Dry at Thomson Reuters Foundation