Director(s): Jason Loftus
Producer(s): Jason Loftus, Masha Loftus, Yvan Pinard and Kevin Koo

2022 | 86 min | China | Korea | Canada | USA
Languages: Mandarin

Facing vilification of their banned faith in the Chinese state-run media, a soft-spoken engineer and a hulking grain worker hatch a plan to hijack the state TV airwaves. In the aftermath, police raids sweep Changchun City, and illustrator Daxiong (Justice League, Star Wars comics), is forced to flee. He arrives in North America, blaming the hijacking for worsening a violent repression. But his views are challenged when he meets the lone surviving hijacker to have escaped China, now living in Seoul. Daxiong retraces the story through the collective memories of witnesses, bringing it to life through his art.