Director: Lindsay Branham
Producers: Fortify Rights, Jack Sadak

2016 | 8 mins | Myanmar
Languages: Rohingya
Subtitles: English

Behind the Fence is a 360 virtual reality documentary that looks inside the 5×5 square mile camp that imprisons the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar, and investigates the extremist Buddhists who propagate virulent anti-Muslim sentiment across the country.

Behind the Fence profiles Abul, a husband who does everything he can to try to help his sick wife, Barbulu, a twelve-year-old boy whose future is diminished due to the constraints of living in this open-air prison, and U Wirathu, the Buddhist leader of the 969 movement who stokes public support for restrictive laws that have rendered the Rohingya stateless in their own land.

This is the first virtual reality film to document the Rohingya, who are surviving a Buddhist-led campaign to eliminate them.

Experts say the Rohingya are most persecuted people on earth, facing a genocide intended to erase them.

Best Cinematography, SIMA 2018
Jury Prize: Journalistic Achievement (Sponsored by Adobe), SIMA 2018

Behind The Fence