Director: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Adam Loften
Producer(s): Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
10 min | Japan

The Atomic Tree leads you on an immersive journey through the memories held within the Yamaki pine, a 400-year-old Japanese White Pine bonsai tree that survived the Atomic blast at Hiroshima. From its birthplace in the sacred island of Miyajima and ancient cedar forests imbued with Kami spirits, to the Yamaki family home in Hiroshima where it was cared for 350 years and witnessed and survived the atomic blast. Viewers will experience the intricate “living strands of relationship” woven between the human and non-human worlds in the places the tree has lived. What are the connections and conversations that exist within the memories of the tree? How can those memories help us regain a sense of kinship with the natural world?

Winner | Virtual Reality Best VR Experience, SIMA 2020

Winner | Virtual Reality Journalistic Achievement, SIMA 2020

Winner | Virtual Reality Immersive Impact, SIMA 2020