CLEAR AS DAY: The Free Tech That’s Saving The Sight & Lives of Guatemala’s Children

Director: Michael Rogers & Meghan Shea
Producer: Meghan Shea

2016 | 5 min
Languages: English

How do you tackle a global health problem that’s largely treatable, but the tools to diagnose it can’t reach its victims? Maybe an app is the answer. Meet Nitin Shrivastava, an M.D. Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who’s using a free app called CRADLE to diagnose Retinoblastoma in the rural areas of Guatemala. Children here with this pediatric cancer of the eye are too young to complain of their symptoms and the ophthalmoscope traditionally used to diagnose the disease is a scarce resource. Could this app change the way physicians around the world identify this life-threatening disease and save the lives of children throughout the developing world?

Impact Video Finalist, SIMA 2017
Innovation Honorable Mention, CUGH