Director(s): Sean Dimond
Producer(s): Randy Franz, Gary Karns, Sean Dimond

2020 | 11 min | Uganda
Languages: English

Brighter is the story of a company in Uganda funding young women’s university education by providing them with a “gap year” job. In Uganda, where few women are encouraged, or can afford, to attend university, Liz Forkin Bohannon decided to do something about it. She taught three young women to make strappy sandals which she sold back home in the U.S. With this initial success, Sseko was launched. Soon they expanded into other products, hired more women, and sent more talented young women to university. Then Liz decided to create a community of Sseko Fellows in the U.S. to drive sales for the products made by women from around the global. This symbiotic sisterhood provides jobs, livelihoods, education… and meaningful connections for women across the world. Sseko is using the market to change women’s lives.