Meet SIMA X Ambassadors

“Documentary has the power to make us question our own thoughts and defaults and preconceptions, and challenge us to get angry when it’s called for, and move when we think something needs changing.”

– Jen Horn, SIMA Berlin Ambassador

“The world needs social change farmers and the world needs cultivators of spice but above all, the world needs those who will plant the spice in their backyards. Film is a powerful tool as it takes one through a journey to mindset change.”

– Erick Matsanza, SIMA Kenya Ambassador

“SIMAx gives me a chance to inspire ideas, get great at grassroots mobilizing, expand my networks, and advocate for causes I care about, all while celebrating eye-opening cinema.”

– Erinn Delise, SIMA Los Angeles Ambassador



Erick Matsanza

Erick Inghatt Matsanza is a Social Change Catalyst who employs DISRUPTIVE and PROVOCATIVE means in challenging the status quo at the backyard of society. He is an information Technology Consultant, A Brand Management and Social Media Expert, A human rights activist. A feminist at heart because of how WOMANITY has impacted his entire life. As a certified Social Initiator, he is the Founder of Spice Without Borders, a registered international not for profit organization in Kenya that initiates; SpiceTalks ( A platform that celebrates the diversity of those from the backyard of society, their energy, their vision and their focus to plant the social change spice as they are privy to social ills and ready to catalyze social change in their communities.


Emilie McGlone


Emilie is the Director of Peace Boat US, an International NGO based in the United Nations plz in New York City. PeaCe Boat US IS a civil society organization working to promote peace, sustainable development, human rights and respect for the environment through our educational voyages around the world. She is also the founder of Parties 4 Peace, a non-profit production team that organizes creative events to promote peace through dance and music.



Jen Horn

Jen Horn a.k.a. @nomadmanager is the founder & chief collaborator of Muni, where she advocates for mindful living through engaging events, content and design collaborations. As a community, Muni has been sparking conversations, and creating a culture that encourages healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices in how we shop, eat, travel, and live day-to-day. She is a communications and marketing practitioner, doing work in writing, design and production for things she believes in. She is especially loves delivering messages on conscious consumption, and creating more livable cities. She is inspired and driven by traveling, diving, biking, handwoven textiles, fresh and healthy food, and dreamers who are doers.


Pedro Banco


Pedro Branco is a Brazilian filmmaker and educator, and Director of International Partnerships of Filmmakers Without Borders. He is also a founding member of IRIS – the laboratory for visual anthropology at the University of Brasília -, awarded the best laboratory of the kind among anthropology graduate programmes in Brazil between 2010 and 2012. Having taught filmmaking to undergraduate and graduate anthropology students in Brazil, and to at-risk youth in Honduras, Pedro currently teaches a specially-tailored course in Film, Culture and Social Impact to graduate-level students in Morocco.


Vuk Višnjić


Vuk Višnjić is a sophomore at IT High School in Belgrade, Serbia. In his free time he contributes at Global Voices, organizes small fundraisers for underprivileged kids and rallies for youth rights and activism. He is also a public speaker on the topic of educational reform and has been featured at International Student Week in Belgrade, TEDxYouth@ISB, and the 2013 AIESEC Global Leaders Summit.